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Exponential Absurdity in the Covid-19 World

The need for humor in the face of the exponentially Absurd

Who would have thought that Absurdity could increase exponentially in a world already marked by Absurdity?

But it has.

We live in the Exponentially Absurd World of Covid-19 now.
Above all, we mustn’t lose our sense of humor. The Moderator of the Absurd urgently requests submissions of examples, […]

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Sexual harrassment hysteria and mob justice: Garrison Keillor and Al Franken denied due process

Amid the current hysteria over allegations of sexual abuse of women by men, Garrison Keillor, the long-time host of Prairie Home Companion and until this week of The Writer’s Almanac, had the temerity to write the following in regard to allegations against Senator Al Franken (D-Minnesota):
The greatest absurdity of our time is You Know Whom, […]

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Russia sets up monitoring service to denounce “fake news”

The Absurd can occur anywhere, even in politics and foreign affairs. A striking example of the Absurd, of the kind that knocks you off your chair laughing, if not crying, has been provided recently by Russia, which has set up a website to denounce ” fake news” appearing in Western publications.
Russia is probably the greatest […]

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A few words on the terms “a-rama” and “o-rama”

What is the meaning of the blog title “ABSURDARAMA!”
Here is a little history.
Here are other examples of the use of the terms.

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We are looking for contributions from readers of tales of the absurd in this mad, mad world. 
There is so much crazy stuff going on out there, reported or not reported, on television, radio, in newspapers, on news sites and elsewhere on the web.  We want to thow a spotlight on the best of the absurd, collect […]

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