Tales of the Absurd in this Mad, Mad World

Absurd TV moderator: Jake Tapper on State of the Union in hiked-up chair

Stature is measured by intellect and character, not by how high a TV talk-show host can hike his chair up to tower over his guest.

Jake Tapper should review the video of his State of the Union program today, Sunday, October 24, 2021, to see how absolutely ridiculous he looks with his chair hiked up so far that the edge of the table is below his navel, and his elbows are more than six inches above it. Today he towered over Nancy Pelosi, who is of average height.

This is beyond pathetic. It is absolutely absurd.

Tapper, moreover, is not alone. Other TV hosts do the same.

What is it about their diminutive spirit that leads them to hike up their chairs to tower over their guests in an effort to reach their level and talk to them on an equal footing, as it were?

Whatever the answer to that question, they should realize that they look pathetic, the embodiment of the absurd.

The only appropriate response to their absurd efforts to raise their stature, by physical means, is ridicule, and laughter that one would hope echoes across their Nielsen ratings.


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