Tales of the Absurd in this Mad, Mad World


We are looking for contributions from readers of tales of the absurd in this mad, mad world. 

There is so much crazy stuff going on out there, reported or not reported, on television, radio, in newspapers, on news sites and elsewhere on the web.  We want to thow a spotlight on the best of the absurd, collect it, notice it, comment on it, and laugh.  Because if we don’t laugh at it we are going to have to cry.

So please contribute your stories about the wild and crazy things that governments, newscasters, and anyone else are saying, or doing. Something so absurd that it makes you laugh. Something that tickles your funny bone, something that will help others laugh even though they know it is so absurd that if they didn’t laugh they would have to cry.

Please come on in, to the Theater of the Absurd.  Entries are open.

The Moderator of the Absurd

e-mail: moderator@absurdarama.com

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